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Where's Annanetta?

Today I was chatting to my very good friend Mr Stuart Emms when we were approached by two gentlemen.

We often get questions like "do you live here?" "what's it like to live on a boat" "oh it must be wonderful / cold / damp / rat invested".

Today's conversation started very much along those lines.

"Are you part of the boat community?" says he

"Errr yes" says us

And then it diverged from the norm, quite delightfully.

"What's happened to Annanetta? I walk down here regularly just to take a look at Annanetta, where is she? I hope she hasn't moved away or has someone taken her to the Med? Has she moved to another mooring? She's beautiful, where was she built? I hope she's coming back"

I will dine out for many years to come, largely at Stu's expense, on the ensuing conversation. Stu didn't even get the chance to add his standard "I live on a boat as well" line.

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