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Lock down education number 2

So this morning , just for 2 long hours its my turn to educate / control numbers 1 and 2 respectively.

Everything ready courtesy of Emma's prep, except my IT skills. Online assembly all fine but then trying to navigate Google classroom and the rest of the sludge that is on line teaching!! Its not exactly intuitive, go here, then there, ask your child? No clue! Start again, repeat, contact school who are helpful but offer an explanation based on the flawed expectation that I understand anything that they say. I mumble "Oh yes thank you so much" - so British - the EU's going to miss that.

Start again none the wiser but holding on to the million monkeys principle I muddle through - stumble across the video - talk the child through that, pausing as necessary, which is alot!! Ever heard of a Non-Chronological Report!? Never knew that there was such a thing. Never knew that such a thing was needed. The fact that I knew Chrono was Greek (khrónos) for time seemed strangely to cut no ice. Apparently such things are usually Non-Fictional. How interesting! Huge respect to teachers but trying to explain a Non-Fictional Non-Chronological report to a twicthy 7 year old via a pre-recorded video was never going to be a breeze. I'm still convinced that the double negative must be cancelling something out!

Onwards and while number 2 keeps her nose down in her whatever it is I'm busy not understanding how the Google classroom torture annotation tool works, the child wants to type answers in but types slower that my Mum (fiddlededee). Eventually we get that done, although not sure we've submitted it properly.

On to Maths - straight forward on most of it although daughter insists she knows division - turns out she knows how to write 64 ÷ 8, but she doesn't know how to do it. Turns out neither do I , oh actually I do .........

All the time though the other little princess sits patiently imbedded with a my little pony, unicorn, fairy, dragonslaying, zombiefest or something along those lines - she did explain it better to me earlier but I was still trying to find the "÷" sign - probably today's greatest achievement!

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