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Getting away!

Today was our first family outing on Annanetta! Extended family of course - we wouldn't be here without the Emms family!!

Ellie was unbelievably excited!! Just more expressive than her father (who was quietly beside himself).

We left Kingston at around 16.30 armed with a very nice bottle of Gusbourne English sparkling wine and 3 bottles of Aldi sparkling pink in reserve. That's Kingston Bridge in the background there!

We then wandered up the river in the direction of Hampton Court. Inside the noise of the new Nannis is muted, outside its silent! Silent! We wafted up the river!

The girls played on the foredeck, ran around and generally had a grand old time! It rained a tad, but the sun shone more!

We got to Hampton Court

and then headed back!

The Emms boys surpassed themselves!!

Altogether rather splendid!!!!

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