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Christmas on Georgia

Well she's no Annanetta but lockdown aside Georgia hasn't been a bad Christmas 2020 venue!

Preparations started early, the pastry was superb but we had some fun getting them out of the tray and then they strangely disappeared altogether! The mincemeat continually required more alcohol and the recipients continually required more pies. A small amount were donated to needy Emms.

The night before preparations were expertly delivered with Georgia's fireplace providing a grand backdrop for Father Christmas and Rudolf's snack break. Although I suspect Rudolf's red nose might be a little out of joint if he saw Maisy busily munching his carrots!

The tree has performed admirably on many many levels. It's barely dropped any needles, it looks great lit and its provided a fantastic climbing frame and launch pad for the furriest member of the family!

Truth be told Betty hasn't really been the picture of Christmas goodwill to all men (or children). Rather she has persisted with her pre-christmas strategy of bite and run or just bite and bite. Additionally rubbish weather and the neighbours cat has meant that she's barely left the boat, a delight!

Any cat (or child) related tensions though were eased through Dr Clicquot's patented remedy. You'll note we chose the starter version. We also stumbled upon a bottle of Gusbourne ( in Waitrose! Truly sublime and our favourite, just sad that it didn't hang around long enough for the photo op. Other than that the Majestic Definition Sancerre has been the adult family staple!

On the day it's all about the bird! Courtesy of Marks and Spencer it cooked up well and fed the 4 of us plus the 4 Emms next door. I cooked it then cut it in half for a Christmas COVID compliant delivery.

I thought it was a little dry but it was undeniably tasty and has serviced a round of sandwiches as well as double servings of Coronation Turkey!

Indications suggest a bunch of happy eaters and we certainly weren't rushing for the pudding - although we had enjoyed pre-lunch smoked salmon in the garden. My mum would have been proud of that and of the brussels that were admired (although not eaten) by all!

During the day our youngest managed a total of, I think we counted 8 changes in attire : PJs to Fairy to Princess to Fairy Bee, to party frock and then back again! We didn't capture them all but here's the little girl related photo that I love the most!

Note the Frozen trainers that the littlest is sporting!

Altogether not the Christmas Day we had planned but at least we were all together, just missing Annanetta!

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