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Separation Anxiety

So I’m here aboard Georgia and the family is complete. Emma is here looking after us, keeping us all in line, sorting this, arranging that, making sure that the essentials are where and when they should be. So Emma ✔️

Ellie is here, wandering around, chit chatting, knocking things over, making us laugh, enfuriating me, screaming at her little sister, wearing her skirts pulled well above the wasteline. So that’s Ellie ✔️

Then there’s Maisy! She’s definitely here! Showing us her dance “moves” , denying sleep, dollops of cheeky smiles and nonsense. So yes Maisy ✔️

Betty - she is right now sitting on the table beside me staring at my typing fingers, crawling behind the screen and ready, ready to take a swipe, to have a nibble. So yep Betty ✔️

And yet there’s a gapping hole. A 56’ long by 14’ wide hole. A teak and mahogany hole that can’t be filled with a practical but undeniably metal bung. A hole that’s with us til Feb at least. A hole that we created by sending one of the family off to stay with strangers. She had to be dragged away against her will and between us and her there are now 4 big locks and plenty of wier(do)s.

Of course we’re free to visit her at the weekends but it’s distressing as she’s obviously in bits when we leave. Yes she’s well looked after and her carers have her best interests at heart but the girls can’t snuggle down with her to watch Strictly.

She’s where she needs to be but not where she belongs

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