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Christmas Tree Oh Christmas tree

Emma and I are in accord on most things! The most important though is the criticality of a real Christmas tree! It might be a scraggly mess before Christmas day but it’ll be a real straggly mess!!

Well truth be known Emma could probably be persuaded to buy a fake one on the basis of the mess, she’s not a mess fan my wife! However I think that ultimately she would be disappointed as it would rob her (and me) of some very satisfying pine needle hoovering in early January.

So as one of my key tasks (enthusiastically undertaken) is to avoid disappointment amongst family member we have a real tree.

It was bought at Maisy’s school last weekend by myself and two little helpers! It was then very stressfully decorated by my two little helpers and a cat!!

However it looks great!! Well I think so! The Girls thing so, the cat adores it! It’s just Emma who’s already saying its a scraggly tree and its not even mid December. She’s already edging towards the hoover but I’m happily quaffing my wine comfortable in the knowledge that we have a real tree, and one way or another contented family members!!

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