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Out with the old and in with the new

So as of last week Annanetta’s out of the water and her 1955 lumps are out of her!!

These old TS3 engines are beautiful (despite current appearances) and at the time were remarkable engineering. They were also noisy!! They were nicknamed “knockers” for a reason. And that reason is not what you want idling down the river!! Available to a good home - buyer beware and must pick up.

However in lieu of a speedy exit we had to fit a new sun roof! This was the only way to get the engines out. I’m in favour of fitting a glass panel. Emma less so. In reality it’ll be a big panel which will in theory be movable and in practise immovable!

And here are the new guys, well only one in so far but it looks like they’ll connect up to the existing shafts quite well which is a welcome cost save in a stream that generally flows the other way!

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