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A long time coming!

Yesterday was a big day!

Annanetta came home, our home came home! More importantly she came home on her own!

The girls were back at school and Emma was keen to get things ready at home for Annanetta's arrival so I was joined by my Brother Andrew and Stu, both veterans of Annanetta's earlier voyages and my friend Graham.

This was our course.

Carefully charted through the rough Surrey waters and South West London badlands of Chertsey, Walton, Sunbury and Hampton! It was an epic voyage that has strangely taken over 15 years and that we finally completed in about 4 hours and 4 locks.

Here's us coming under Chertsey Bridge , otherwise known as the Bermuda Bridge of Barges! Its snug and with a bit of flow and a nasty reputation I had to steel myself at the helm!

Emergency rations were issued for an early lunch and we were home in Kingston-Upon Thames in time for tea!

End of trip!

Begining the adventure!

PS - I know the fenders look terrible but there was no way I was going to risk scratching her on the first outing!

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