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Engineers and Pedants

I'm not an Engineer. Although there are those that would call me a pedant!

My Dad was an Engineer. My Uncle Peter, Uncle John, many of my colleagues, my father-in-law Mick, my cousins, Joseph Paxton (arguably a gardener), Brunel and many of my heroes, engineers all of them! My great friend next door Mr Stuart Emms an engineer in everything but qualification!

Me? Err no, not really, well to be honest not even close, not ever, no way. No patience. Loads of aspiration but no perspiration!

Yet admiration in abundance!!

That's been one of the wonderful elements of my journey with Annanetta! The melding of craftsmanship, design and mechanics under a glorious umbrella of capability! Or rather my observation and enjoyment of those elements as they come together!

Here they are coming together with the two new Nanni's now firmly and finally in their new beds. The assessment of the access, the patience of the positioning, the exploration of the exhausts, the alignment of the shafts, the machinations on the couplings, the theatre of the water inlets, the physics of the electrics. Item by item each slipping together with the careful consideration of the expert eye, the fanny on of the feeler gauge, the patience of the perfectionist pedant!

Yet to the best of my knowledge Mr Steve Dennett who is behind all this achievement is not an officially qualified engineer. He is, like my friend Stuart, an engineer totally by disposition : by patience, by fascination, by determination, necessity and by being a glorious pedant!

So while I can't pretend to achieve what these gentlemen do I can admire the glory of what they create with at least the sage nod of a truly great pedant!

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