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So its been busy busy aboard our lovely Annanetta but back on the 13th and 14th of May Emma and I spent 2 days completing our RYA Inland Waterways Helmsmans Certificate.

We had the lovely Philip Onslow from the Royal Thames Yacht club on board Annanetta and we spent a very interesting two days pootling up and down manoeuvring through locks and on and off berths.

Here's the lovely Emma kindly demonstrating one of the key Helm's signalling techniques.

It was particularly useful to go up and down through a couple of Locks. Here's Annanetta waiting patiently at Sunbury.

It was a really great 2 days that gave us a great deal more confidence in handling our home on the river.

We also learnt that Emma handled Annanetta extremely well and quickly mastered the handle signals. My relative speciality was throwing ropes and making tea - which suits me!

Either way we are now both Certified Inland Waterways Helms!! Big thanks to Philip!!

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