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Management of Resource

So I've not posted so much during July and August so far. Its just been busy busy!!

However in one a management of resource win I swapped my 2 lovely girls and wife for my father in law Mick, just for a weekend!! While the girls relaxed on the Isle of Wight Mick and I cracked on with a range of tasks.

Here's Mick preparing the anchor for painting.

Contrary to the look on his face he was just loving this!!

He then moved on and re-varnished all the hand rail which on Annetta is no small achievement!!

During most of this time I repainted Maisy's area of the little girls cabin and started on touching up all the stanchion defects.

Then on Sunday we rewarded ourselves with a little river trip. No easy task as the Kingston Row regatta was in full flow!

Many many thanks to Mick! Further steps taken towards Henley!!

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