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In other news!

So between the deluges and blistering heat we've had a busy summer so far!

18th June - As soon as lockdown permitted we took the girls bowling! They enjoyed the post match pizza even more. It was though great to be out and about for the first time in awhile!

Maisy continued here fascination with lining things up - although Betty as ever was less than impressed!

Strangely she refused to line up with the rest of the critters!

Later in the month we hit apon Carrotgate!!

Last years delightful tangle of toilet eager lovelies

..........was not repeated!

But a promising career in modelling was started

as Maisy demonstrated the lines of another Boden delivery!

Maisy and I also went to visit of my lovely Aunts and Uncles. Len to the left then John (my father's brother), his wife Isobel and my lovely Aunty Beryl (Dad's younger sister) on the right. Maisy and Aunty Isobel had a good old sing song!

Next up July 2nd - Nav lights fitted and operational on Annanetta (she's not being ignored)

Then a bit of a relax before heading off on holiday to Wales!

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