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Busy busy busy

So lock down is getting less locked, I've had a precautionary needle in my arm, I've planted seeds in the garden , eaten Easter chocolate and been crazy busy with all sorts!

Through all of this though Annanetta moves forward - so here's a brief update on what's been happening :

  • Water tanks connected to supply travelling water

  • Fenders all socked and ready to go

  • New Horseshoe lifebuoys delivered (name stencils to be done)

  • New Name graphics and boards ready to be fitted

  • Travelling 12v system on order to be fitted week of 27th April

  • First 4 trips planned

  • Slot for Henley Traditional Boat Festival (late Aug Bank Holiday) booked.

  • New forward deck seats on order

  • Hatch covers all jet washed and tidy

  • Loads of brass polishing ahead!!

And there's still plenty to do but what's wonderful is that I can start the engines once a week and enjoy the quiet symphony of the exhaust!!

Its all rather splendid!

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